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Monday, July 8, 2013

Karthyayani Devi Devotional By G Venugopal (Classical)

An old recording, from the live recording era.(1982) Really honoured to have among the instrumentalists, three great karnatic musicians, the late Sri. R.Venkatraman on veena, Sri K S Gopalakrishnan on pullankuzhal and Sri Trivandrum R Vaidyanathan on mridangam. If u listen with headphones, the fret noises of the veena, can be heard throughout. There was no editing facility for such an anomaly, then! This is the 16th take, and the young voice is tender, tired and raw! With all imperfections, there was a totality during such takes. A meditative moment, when the efforts of all the artists converge towards the fruitful completion of the recording. Like a many petaled flower, the song blooms, the artists connect instantly, and there is bonhomie inside the studio! The red light burns, butterflies in the stomach spread their wings, a glance, a nod, from the senior accompanying artist from behind the glass partitions brims with confidence and optimism! - VG.

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